Bar Consultancy


Bars created


Cocktails served


Management systems installed


Cult has been approached by numerous clients to ensure their bars are run smoothly, stylishly and with the panache you'd expect in any high end establishment.

We've worked with a number of venues, restaurants, pop ups and brands to fine tune their systems and ensure best results in terms of increased revenue, improved NPS scores (Net Promoter Score), implementation of best technology and return customers.

“Pop ups to full scale venue bar operations, drinks run through our veins and watching a darling seed come to fruition is the dream!” Hugo Jones Creative Director

Action Required


- Diplomatic discussions with key stake holders as well as management team to act as a go between to ensure best results. - Looking into finances to understand the core route of the problem.
- Full supplier review

Operational Standardization

We completely set up new general management systems which ensured day to day, weekly and monthly accountability. These systems presented weekly rota forecasts, cost of sales, staffing costs as well day to day sales ensuring all cash and card sales were in line with revenue forecasts. Through implementation and training we managed to reduce labour costs by 14% and decrease COS by 5%.

Financial Auditing

-Through combing through the books and numbers we were able to identify the core route of the problem.
- We set up systems to prevent money not being accounted for the future



- Reduced labour costs by 14% through a standardised shift rotas
- Full supplier review to re-negotiate terms and free up cash flow for the business
- Decreased Cost of Sale by 5% to allow for better gross profit without sacrificing on quality
- Engaged all project stakeholders and participants across operations for all restaurants as well as IT, supply chain, hygiene & safety, finance, senior management and 3rd party suppliers to make the restaurants profitable
- Full staff training (front and back of house) to ensure all team members are proficient with systems allowing for a better customer experience through speed & proficiency of service.